Smith Teamaker Bungalow Blend No. 47 for $7.54

It looks like we have an impromptu coffee and tea theme this week, because while surfing around on Amazon, another good deal surfaced. A 20% off clip-on coupon (the green button) can get you the Smith Teamaker Bungalow Blend No. 47 for $7.54 as a one-time-purchase, or slightly less through the “Subscribe and Save” discount.

This is a black tea, from India, blended at the company’s base in India. It is however an Add-ON item, so you need a $25+ order before the shopping cart will allow you to buy it.

PS: if you are looking for ideas on how to reach the $25 limit, check our Add-ON Deal posts, which we’ve had aplenty this week 🙂