24-pack of single serve 100 Calories Snickers for 29c per bar after coupon

Thanks to a limited time 20% off clip-on coupon at Amazon, you can get the 24-pack of Snickers Single Serve 100 Calories for $7~ after the coupon. The coupon is based on the price (currently $8.81), so if the price change, the discount will change as well, since the coupon is a percentage of the price, not a fixed sale price.

This averages to around 29 cents for each individual Snickers bar. That’s a pretty good price as long as you stick to one bar at time, not a handful 🙂 These average 3.8 out of 5 based on 64 customer reviews. These are the classic peanut snickers.

Walgreens (Apr 17-23): FREE After $3 Rewards Snickers Crisper fun size bag

For the week of April 17-23 in 2016, at Walgreens brick and mortar stores, you can get a bag of fun size Snickers Crisper chocolate squares (fifteen individually wrapped chocolate squares with 100 calories each) for FREE after Register Rewards. You pay $3 at the register and the register spits out a $3 Register Reward. You can use that on your next purchase. You have to spend at least $3 to use the $3 reward, you can’t do partials.


Make sure you pick that up before you leave the store. The cashiers are trained to hand them to you, but sometimes they may forget. So make sure you don’t walk out the store without it!

Since this is not a rebate, you can theoretically get as many as you want. I don’t think you can use the Register Reward to pay for it and get another, but you should be fine if you pay with “new money”.