100pk Twinings Earl Grey Tea Bags for $8 [Prime Pantry]

If you are planning to place a Prime Pantry order and like Earl Grey tea in the tea bag form, we have good news for you, the 100pk of Twinings is currently going for $8 exactly through Prime Pantry with a limit of 30 per customer. One 100-pack is almost 2% of the whole Prime Pantry box, so you can stock up for a whole zipcode if you like 🙂 This currently averages 4.6 out of 5 based on 440+ customer reviews.

PrimePantry is currently the best place to buy RxBars

The RxBars have managed to build their own momentum with their no nonsense styling and down to earth ingredients (the most “offensive” thing in them of the “natural flavors” kind). And as such, their prices are holding up to where it’s hard to buy them for less than $2 per bar, even with Subscribe and Save discounts.

So if you want to stock up on those, at the moment, the best place to get them is Prime Pantry. The 12pk of Blueberry goes for $20.71, while the tastier 12pk of Chocolate Sea Salt goes for $20.57. This is a straight up price, you don’t have to commit to Subscribe and Save or have to worry about adjusting subscription quantities based on future prices.

However the issue with Prime Pantry is that you have to pay a $6 flat shipping fee for the order. If you have any available $6 slow-shipping Pantry Prime credits, you can use them to offset the shipping fee. If not, you either have to pay the fee or buy 5+ of the items that are participating in the July Free Shipping promotion (use coupon code PANTRYJUL).

According to the pages over there, one 12-pack is approximately 4% of a PrimePantry box, but that’s not the limiting factor. As of posting time, there is a limit of two per Pantry box in the Chocolate flavor and three in the Blueberry flavor.

This is a developing situation, so far PrimePantry only has three of the flavors which is more than they had a few weeks ago.

NOTE: the prices and quantities mentioned in this post are as of July 20, 2016.

16oz Whole Foods Almond Butter for $7 (B&M)

Shocking, I know, but for a limited time, Whole Foods is actually beating Trader Joe for pretty much the same item! For a few days only (probably part of their weekly ad or weekly specials), Whole Foods stores are offering the 16oz unsalted and unsweetened Almond Bar in a jar for $7 each. It is available in either Creamy or Crunchy. This is almond butter and no other ingredients! The regular price there and at Trader Joe is $8. These are not glass jars. Considering the price of almonds, that’s not a bad price unless you are buying industrial strength quantities 🙂

PS: I buy both the WF and TJ almond butters but I haven’t done a side-by-side taste test yet 🙂

Heads up: Free shipping at Peet’s website July 15-17 in 2016

Great news if you want to get something from the Peet’s website, and you don’t like to pay shipping fees or place huge orders (that would otherwise qualify you for free shipping). Running this weekend, Friday until the close of business on Sunday 7/17/16, you can get free domestic shipping on all items at Peets.com.

This promotion is mentioned at the bottom of the email announcing the coconut promotion. Here’s a screenshot of the fineprint of the free shipping offer:


50% off Peet’s Coconut Beverages until Sunday night (7/17/19)

Peet’s Coffee gambled on coconut as their tentpole summer drinks and it paid off as they managed to create something fun and unusual, while Starbucks’s summer drinks are just more sugar added on sugary frozen drinks 🙂 Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but good until the close of business on Sunday July 17 in 2016, at local Peet’s stores, you can get half off their coconut beverages, iced or hot.


The promotion is mentioned in an email sent to customers in their mailing list. You can either show them the promotion on your phone, or print it (*GASP*) or just mention it. These are typically very popular, so most of the time all you have to do is mention the promotion. From a customer perspective, there’s no coupon to mention or memorize. The magic happens at the register.

The usual terms apply, limit one per customer per visit, and excluded are licensed locations and supermarkets and airports and such.

Prime Pantry Tea Deal: 3.53oz Twinings Earl Gray for $3.85

This is a pretty good deal if you like Earl Gray loose leaf tea, it’s only $1 per ounce. It is under Prime Pantry, so you have to place one of those orders to get it, but you can buy as many as you like so if this is your favorite tea, you can stock up (and give them to your friends and family as impromptu gifts). It is the 3.53oz loose leaf Twinings Earl Grey going for $3.85.

This is a fairly small, it only fills 1% of your Pantry container. The Pantry Pox has a $6 flat delivery fee, but you can either use the $6 Prime slow-shipping credits to counter it, or buy some of the promotional items that get you free shipping for the rest of your order. The latter is hit or miss, since you have to like the participating products, and if you are trying to eat healthy and avoid Colas and such, it’s harder to find a combination to get you free shipping.

Lucky Rewards: FREE 57oz Red Diamond Unsweetened Tea

Now that the 4th of July holiday is in the rear view mirror, Lucky’s is back with another free item for their Rewards members. Good until the close of business on Tuesday July 12 in 2016 (aka Prime Day) is a FREE 57 fluid oz Red Diamond Unsweetened pre-brewed Tea.


As you usual, you have to first manually add the offer to your Lucky’s Rewards card by clicking on the big red button in your email that mentions this promotion. Once added, you can redeem it at your local store. If using self-checkout, an employee may be needed to make the coupon go through.