Prime Members with Citibank cards: $30 off first AmazonFresh order of $50+ (with $50+ in non-AmazonFresh items)

If you are an Amazon Prime member or planning to start a 30-day Free Trial (the $100 per year plan) and you have a Citibank credit or debit card, and you haven’t placed an Amazon Fresh order before, there’s a hot new offer that has now been activated because of a new addition to the regular Prime benefits.

However, there’s something tricky about the way it is works. It requires some trial and error (adding and removing items from your shopping cart until it activates). But I think I figured out how it works. Details below…


A few days ago, Amazon added a new option to the Prime membership. You can now place orders from AmazonFresh (the fresh and frozen foods service), and pay a flat $8 delivery fee for orders of $50 or more. You no longer need to be signed up for the $300/year AmazonFresh membership to be allowed to order from AmazonFresh. (AmazonFresh members pay $0 delivery fees on $50+ orders – they essentially prepay the delivery fees with their $300/yr membership).

The Citibank Offer
So it brings us to this deal. If you haven’t placed an AmazonFresh order before, and you have a Citibank credit or debit card and it is connected to your Amazon account (or you don’t object to adding it there), you can enter coupon code CITIBANK to get $30 off an order of $50+ from AmazonFresh. Here are the Terms and Conditions.

I placed my first AmazonFresh Order with the Citi coupon – Here’s what I found out
So in addition to AmazonFresh products, you can also order some products through AmazonFresh (only some, probably items that are available near the facility that processes the Fresh produce orders). The prices of the Amazon items through AmazonFresh are not always the same as the prices at the regular, so price-check to be on the safe side.

So the $30 off $50+ appears to be for AmazonFresh products. I am not quite sure how exactly it is calculated because I had a big shopping cart (of small items) with both AmazonFresh and products. I kept adding items until the coupon discount appeared 🙂 I ended up paying $50~ total ($72~ in items and taxes, plus $8 delivery minus $30 coupon). My order had a combination of AmazonFresh and items. Here’s my order summary:


I think I figured it out
After some trial and error, and by that I mean adding and removing items from the shopping cart and using the Windows Calculator to do the math, it appears that the coupon activates if you have at least $50 in items that are not part of AmazonFresh.. That’s $50 before the delivery fee and before any taxes. You can have as many or as few Fresh items as you like.

If you have found a better way to explain it, please leave a comment! My brain can only absorb so much data during a hot summer night 🙂