FREE: The Darkness II until Wedn 3pm ET

If it’s FREE, why not get it! Good until Wednesday at 3pm eastern, Humble Bundle is offering the game the Darkness II for FREE! You have to link your Steam account to Humble Bundle for claiming and redemption. It is free to create a Steam account. This is made by 2K Games with a rolling 91% rating at Steam.

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[DEAD] FREE until Sat 1pm ET: “F1 2015” Game at Humble Bundle

This limited time freebie promotion expired…

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Big Game Sale at Google Play (ends 7/27/15)

If you want to score some popular Android games for less, there is a big sale good until 7/27/15 at Google Play. The amounts are fairly small, so you may want to buy a gift card or prefill your account with store credit if you don’t want your credit card blasted with multiple $0.60 transactions (if you go on an app shopping spree).

The list includes Monument Valley (99c), Game Of Thrones (Telltale, 60c), Room Two (69c), NBA Jam, Need for Speed, Grand Theft Auto, the all important Goat Simulator, and more. A total of 23 games are part of the sale. You can buy as many as you like.