Sony Xperia L2 drops to $220 in all colors

We have the first discount on another entry-to-midrange phone, the Sony Xperia L2 is now down to $220 with free shipping at in three color options. Its starting price was $250.

We have wall to wall coverage on this phone, with more to come! It works on Project FI using the “Data SIM”, however, phone calls and messages must be routed over IP using the Google Hangouts app, not the Phone and Messanging apps.

Sony Xperia L1 for $180 [Unlocked, USA warranty]

There’s an insane number of smartphone options these days, and at a wild range of prices. Many of the phones out there are available unlocked, which typically give you the most flexibility and better resale value (other things equal as many other factors determine resale value of a smartphone ~ not that we are buying these things as investments).

Which brings us to the Sony Xperia L1 getting its first discount, now going for $180 with free shipping in the three official color schemes at This is new condition, with USA warranty, and sold by Amazon actual. No contract, and you don’t even have to use it with a cellular plan.

It comes with Nougat out of the box, which is a step ahead of most Android phones out there (sadly!). It has 2GB RAM, 16GB on-board storage, microSD slot (Sony sells microSD cards, so of course they’ll support microSD storage), and GSM compatibility.

It has a 5.5-inch display with 720p resolution (it’s under $200 after all), with a MediaTek processor, a Nano SIM, USB-C connector, etc.

As you can see from the pictures, one semi-distinguishing characteristic of this is that there are almost no side bezels, but plenty of them at the top and bottom.

Sony XB10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker for $38

If you are looking for a bluetooth portable speaker from a well-recognized brand, we have good news for you! The Sony XB10 is currently on sale for $38, in new condition, and from various sellers, including Amazon actual, at the website.

It is a 2017 model, with a 4.6 review average based on 50+ of them, and has about half as many answered questions. Portable means that it has a built-in rechargeable battery but it is also designed for “lifestyle use” (see gallery picture #5 over there). It’s sort of about the size of a coffee cup 🙂

It also supports NFC, which makes it easier to pair with your smartphone or other devices via touch. NFC does not affect how the music sounds, it simply makes pairing and connecting to other devices easier. It has a IPX5 water-resistant rating, and it is part of their “Extra Bass” line, which means more emphasis on bass. You have been warned classical music fans 🙂

PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB Console – Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Legacy Bundle for $249 (limit 2)

And now we have a little something for gamers! Amazon has another Playstation bundle on sale! The PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB Console – Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Legacy Bundle is currently on sale for $249 with free shipping, with a limit of two bundles per customer at Amazon by Amazon actual. This ships in 2-4 weeks, so if you need to get it right away, practice patience 🙂 The bundle is ready to go, you just add the yellow “add to cart” button and go – you don’t have to assemble it on your own.

$50 Store Credit with Sony Xperia X Compact purchase

Sony is trying to make a statement that you can still have a top-tier smartphone under 5-inches tall, and their brand new Xperia X Compact is available for pre-order for its starting price of $500 at but for a limited time, they have a promotion that gets you a $50 Amazon store credit when you pre-order it. While this offer is running, you will see it mentioned on the product page. Here’s a screenshot of that below:


This is an unlocked smartphone, with Sony USA warranty, and no contract requirements. Make sure the seller is actual, and not some iffy marketplace seller.

Free 128GB microSDXC card with new Sony X Unlocked Smartphone for $550

Sony’s new line-up of X-series smartphones has arrived in the US market, and the mainstream option of this line, the “Sony Xperia X” is now available for $550 in four different colors, but that’s not all! is bundling this with a 128GB Sony-brnaded microSDXC memory card for the same price of $550. This is pretty good since the phone can take microSD cards up to 200MB! This particular combination is in-stock and shipping as of the time of writing.

This is their flagship deputy (or sidekick, choose your own analogy here), with a 5-inch 1080p display, 3GB RAM, 32GB on-board storage plus the aforementioned microSD slot. It is running Android 6.0, and is powered by the Snapdragon 650 and Adreno 510 combination. Its camera has a decent size sensor for a smartphone, a 1/2-inch Exmor RS.

The big decision for Sony fans may be between this and the X Performance flagship. Many of the specs are similar between the two, but the X Performance has the Snapdragon 820 and Adreno 530 combination and a slightly larger battery, along with IP68 water resistance certification (one of the early signature characteristics of Sony flagships). This goes for $700 and does not come with a free memory card. It is expected to ship in mid July.

The product pages mentioned above have a detailed list of compatible GSM providers as this is a factory unlocked phone with a USA warranty. The USA market has the usual suspects, AT&T, T-Magenta (okay, T-Mobile), their prepaid sidekicks (Cricket, MetroPCS), Straight Talk, Net10, H20 Wireless, and more.

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact for $390

If you are fond of Sony smartphones, they are not as ready available in the US market as some of their other consumer electronics, but eBay has almost everything, such as the new condition Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, model D5803, factory unlocked, without contract, for $390 with free shipping, in your choice of black or white. The seller is “Techno Trading House” (98.9%). This is an unlocked GSM phone, so you can use it with the usual suspects (Uncarrier, AT&T, Net10, etc). Check the bands to make sure first.

Refurbished 16GB Sony Xperia Z C6606 (T-Mobile) for $105

If you are Sony-curious and are looking for a phone to use on the T-Mobile network or as a Wifi-only device, the 16GB Sony Xperia Z C6606 is available in seller refurbished condition, locked to T-Mobile cell-wise, for $105 with free shipping, with a limit of five per customer, by eBay seller “Chubbiestech” (98.8%). Nearly 1000 of them sold so far from this listing. No contract!

It comes with a charger but no other accessories. For cell use, you have to provide your own SIM card.