Christmas Coupon: $10 off $100+ orders at Smart & Final

If you are a fan of Smart and Final, don’t throw away the weekly grocery ad circulars just yet! The front page of the Smart and Final circular has a circular-exclusive coupon that gets you $10 off on purchases of $100+ at your local Smart and Final store. The coupon works for five days, December 20-24 in 2017. The usual coupon exclusions apply (gift cards, alcohol, fluid dairy, etc).

You won’t find the coupon in the ads inside the stores, so you have to use the coupon from their ads found in the weekly mailbox circulars. That’s based on what the ad says. The offer has not gone live yet as of the time of writing (it is Tuesday night; the offer goes live on Wednesday morning).

$20 off your first $35+ Smart and Final order using Instacart

Home deliveries are all the rage these days. Smart and Final is now using Instacart for home deliveries, and to encourage shoppers to try out this service, good until 9/20/17, they are offering a new customer promotion: you get FREE SHIPPING and $20 off your first order of $35+ using Instacart.

To get the discount, use long-winded coupon code SHOPSMARTANDFINAL which may look like a railroad, but it’s simple to type: SHOP SMART AND FINAL 🙂 Delivery and participation may vary by region and local stores. The Instacart website will tell you .

Ben and Jerry Ice Cream Pints for $2.49 each [must buy them in 4s]

Good news if you like Ben and Jerry ice cream. Bad news if you are counting calories! At Smart and Final brick and mortar stores, good until Tuesday July 25 (2017), the Ben and Jerry Great Temptation of 2017 is back! You can buy pints of Ben and Jerry ice cream (16 oz) for $2.49 each! There is only one catch, you must buy them in multiples of four. Meaning you buy four, or eight, or twelve, and so forth. This is a volume buy discount. If you buy only one or two or three, you pay for $3.49 each instead of $2.49. That’s not a bad price either, but $2.49 is better 🙂

This sale is a good opportunity to try different kinds of Ben and Jerry. Don’t buy all four of your favorite. Be adventurous! Try a new flavor 🙂

Smart and Final Stores: Spend $50+ in Gift Cards, Get $10 off your NEXT purchase there

Parallel and separate from the Lucky’s Gift Card promotion, Safeway’s warehouse chain store, Smart and Final is running its own 10/50 gift card promotion. The terms are similar. If you buy $50+ in eligible gift cards, the Smart and Final cash register will spit out a coupon that will get you a $10 off discount towards your NEXT purchase at Smart and Final. Next can be right after you pay for the gift card purchase.

This promotion runs between June 7-20 in 2017, that’s two weeks worth of shopping. Eligible retailers for this promotion include Best Buy, Lowe’s, Nordstrom, Nike, Panda Express, BJ’s, Regal, and more!

$10 off future Smart & Final purchase with $50+ in select Gift Cards

Starting with the new May 4 weekly ad, at Smart and Final brick and mortar stores, there is a two-part promotion running until 5/10/16. The first step is purchase $50 or more total in gift cards from a list of options: Macy’s, Michael’s, Fandango, Nike, Panda Expess, Jiffy Lube or Lucille’s. When you make this qualifying purchase, their cash register will print a coupon with your receipt that gets you $10 off your future purchase at Smart and Final.

NOTE: the fineprint in their weekly ad says that gift cards can only be purchased with cash or a debit card. I don’t know if this is a new restriction, because I remember in the past buying gift cards with credit cards (when they have the 5% quarterly grocery rewards offers).

Buy $125+ in Select Gift Cards, Get $20 off in future purchase at Smart and Final

Smart and Final is back with another gift card promotion, this one running from December 2-15 in 2015. If you make a total purchase of $125 or more in select gift cards, you will receive a coupon code for $20 off a future purchase at Smart and Final. The $20 off coupon must be used by 12/29/15. The $125+ purchase must be made in a single transaction, it will print at the register if it qualifies.

A total of 11 gift cards are eligible for this promotion. Enough for a soccer team 🙂 This includes big stores like Kohl’s and Lowe’s, along with specialty stores like Nike and Sephora, and restaurants like iHOP and Panda “MSG” Express, and Cold Stone Creamery. Also eligible is the orange “Dinner and Movie” gift card that is Darden restaurants (for the dinner part) and Fandango for the movie part.

Buy $100+ in select Gift Cards, get $15 off future Smart and Final purchase

If you buy gift cards often and like to shop at Smart and Final, they have a nice combination offer for you running until December 1st. You have to buy $100 or more in select gift cards (eight options) in a single transaction. If you do that, you will receive a coupon for $15 off a future purchase at Smart and Final. The $15 off coupon must be used by 12/15/15. Limit one $15 off coupon per transaction per customer per day, so you can do it multiple times if you like.

The eight gift cards eligible for this promotion are Macy’s, iHOP, Cold Stone Creamery, Panda Express, Olive Garden (aka Carbs Garden), Lucille’s, Darden family of restaurants and the “Dinner and Movie” gift card (Darden and Fandango combo). Diverse choices, considering you can use some of the gift cards yourself and use other as actual gifts. Or keep them around as “emergency gifts” until after the holidays are over 🙂

June 24-30: 18oz Fresh Blueberries for $2 (limit 4)

This is the best blueberries deal I recall seeing! During the week of June 24-30 (2015), at Smart and Final stores, according to their Weekly Ad, you can get a 18oz pack of fresh blueberries for just $2. That’s an insane $1 for 9 oz! There is a limit of four per customer per visit. Their weekly runs from Wednesday AM to Tuesday PM. If the initial wave sells out quickly, they could restock later on during the shopping week.

Instacart and Smart&Final: $5 off and free delivery for 1st order

The Smart and Final (S&F) weekly ad for the week of June 17-23 in 2015 has a co-promotion between Instacart and Smart and Final. Your first order at Instacart from S&F gets free shipping and also gets $5 off your order total when you use coupon code SMART at Instacart. There is no mention of an expiration date for the coupon, so I don’t know. You place the order through Instacart which unfortunately has an “asshole website”, it won’t let you see anything unless you login or create an account.

22pk Zhena Gypsy Coconut Chai Tea for $4

At Smart and Final brick and mortar stores, for a limited time, the Zhena Gypsy 22pk Coconut Chai tea canisters are on sale for $4 each. These are tea sachets, not good old tea bags. They have this flavor with Black tea and also with Green tea. This is a great price, it handily defeats the Amazon Subscribe & Save price. It even handily beats their 6-pack S&S price! These teas average 4.5 out of 5 based on 110+ customer reviews combined over there. Not to mention that you also get to keep their container!

20pk Tazo Teas for $3 per box (limited options)

At Smart and Final stores, good until 6/7/15, you can buy 20pk Tazo teas (tea bags) for $3 per box. They do not carry the full Tazo line-up obviously, but among others, I spotted the Awake breakfast tea and the Zen tea, which, if I recall correctly, was the default iced green tea at Starbucks stores before they purchased Teavana and replaced Tazo teas with their own. Availability and options will likely vary in different S&F stores, so there is some YMMV to this.

Buy $50 in select Gift Cards, Get $10 off next purchase at Smart and Final

Smart and Final stores are back with another gift card promotion running from April 29 until the close on May 12 in 2015. If you purchase $50 or more in gift cards from the following brands (JC Penney, Michaels, Macy’s, Yard House, Cold Stone Creamery, and Jiffy Lube) in a single transaction, they will give you a coupon for $10 off your next purchase at Smart and Final. The coupon will print on the register receipt. If you shop at one or more of those places, this is a pretty good deal!

Everyday Deal: 3lb Rotisserie Chicken for $6

Smart and Final has a great everyday price deal. You get a 3lb rotisserie chicken for $6 total. There’s only one flavor and it has some mild spices. This is a pretty good deal, because most grocery stores have rotisserie chickens under 2lbs (typically 30oz) that sell for $6 or more. So you are getting a 50%+ bigger chicken for less! There’s no coupon, no weekly ad to pay attention to, no rewards program to sign up for. Just roll in the store and buy it!

AMEX Offer: Spend $50+, Get $25 statement credit at Smart and Final

If you have an American Express card, check your offers! Currently, at least on the Amex Blue card, you may be offered a very hot Smart and Final promotion. Spend $50 or more and get $25 back as a statement credit. Not only that, but you can use this offer up to three times during the promotional period which ends 6/30/15. I don’t know how they target these, so there might be a YMMV component, I obviously can only check mine own account. Screenshot of the offer right below:


The terms are pasted after the jump for reference:

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4pk of Kind Bars for $5 (limited choices)

If you are a fan of Kind bars and want something in-between buying them one at a time or a 12-pack, Smart and Final stores have a good compromise, you can get 4pks for $5 total, which brings them to a reasonable price of $1.25 per bar. The only downside is that they only have a limited selection of flavors, they don’t have the whole line-up of 15+ flavors. But if you can find any flavors you like, then it’s a win. From what I recall, they have the Almond+Coconut, and the Cranberry one, and a couple of others. Selections may vary from store to store, and obviously I can’t visit every single Smart and Final store 🙂 This is not a weekly sale, it is their on-going price.