Lucky Rewards: FREE Stacey’s Pita Chips

If you are participating in the Lucky’s Rewards program, you have a freebie! The freebie is one bag of Stacey’s pita chips. To get the freebie, these are the steps:

  1. you have to be a member of the Lucky’s Rewards program (free to join)
  2. logon to the Rewards website or the Luckys app
  3. locate the offer and add it your account
  4. go to the Lucky’s store and buy it, making sure you scan your rewards card or type in your phone number
  5. their cash register will deduct the value, making it FREE

The offer expires Sunday night 11/19/17, so don’t delay!

New Prime Pantry coupon, $1 off shipping

Prime Pantry is a different kind of an Amazon beast. They ship products you buy in a single box, and that box is bundled up by your nearest Amazon Prime Pantry facility. So items you buy must be in-stock at order time at that particular place. They won’t ship Pantry overs from all over the country like they do with regular Amazon orders.

For a limited time, to encourage holiday shoppers, Amazon launched a $1 off coupon towards Prime Pantry shipping. Use coupon code HOLIDAYSHIP to drop the Pantry Box fee from $6 to $5.

One dollar may not be glamorous but it has a very good use. Prime Pantry has another Buy 5 eligible items, get $6 off your order total. This essentially offsets the shipping fee, but if you combine it with the coupon mentioned above, you actually get a $1 off discount on your order total, in addition to the discount.

It is important to note that you don’t need to buy five different eligible items to get the $6 off promotion. You can get five units of the same item, or two of this and three of that, or any combination of eligible products that is five units or more.

Glad Container or Zipper Bags for $0.25

AmazonFRESH has a new doorbuster! If you are placing an order anyway, you can add to your order your choice of 25c (that’s a quarter, $0.25) of Glad products. Two of the participating, a 5pk of 24oz medium storage containers or a 40 count of freezer bags. I’m not sure how many of these you can buy as the sale price.

In order to buy these, you have to be an AmazonFresh subscriber. In order to be that, you must first be an Amazon Prime subscriber. AmazonFresh is now a month to month service, Netflix style, you pay $15 per month. Previously they had an annual membership of $300 like AmazonPrime but that’s gone now. The previous $300 Fresh subscription included Prime I believe, but you had to prepay it all.

Blomkamp³ Limited Edition Collection for $13

This is a great deal! Three great scifi movies (okay, 2.5 since Matt Damon is in one of them), the Blomkamp³ Limited Edition Collection on blu-ray is on sale again, going for $13 at with up to five sets per customer at this sale price. Free shipping for Prime members or with a $25+ order.

This set is encased in a 64-page digibook, with additional features on District 9 and Elysium found on the discs. Chappie has an hour of extras, including an alternate ending.

The set averages 4.6 out of 5 based on 141 customer reviews. It is in the list of things to get when I place my next Amazon order! Nom-nom!

Hot Deal Alert: Load $20 or more in Starbucks App using Chase Pay, Get 300 Bonus Rewards Points

This is a massively epic Starbucks Reward member promotion! This showed up in the Starbucks Android app earlier today while I was in-store. If you load $20 or more using the Starbucks app, and pay for it using Chase Pay, you will receive 300 bonus Starbucks rewards points (stars).

300 stars translate to two full rewards and an extra 50 points (40% towards a reward). If you use the rewards to buy the most expensive items you like, or the largest most loaded drinks they have, you are essentially getting about $20 worth of food and drinks by redeeming the rewards. It becomes a virtual BOGO 🙂


I did not babysit the offer, I was driving around and running errands, but 1.5 hours after the $20+ load with Chase Pay I checked my Starbucks Rewards History and there they were 300 Bonus Points!

There seems to be a bug in their system because the rewards show earlier in the day, maybe they flipped the AM with the PM. You will notice your score skyrocketing and the number of Rewards increasing by 2 or 3. Here’s the screenshot of the notification:

New Customers: Get 14 RxBars for $20 with Free Shipping [updated]

UPDATE 11/13/17: good news RxBar friends! Until November 19 in 2017, all orders will get TWO free Gingerbread RXbars. A new flavor just in time for the holidays. So this combined with the coupon rxbarnew17 gets you 14 RxBars for $20 at the RXBar website. That’s $1.43 per bar, a pretty good price considering you also get free shipping!

UPDATE 11/9/17: the coupon code rxbarnew17 has been extended until 11/30/17 for this promotion.

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New Starbucks Rewards After 2PM Streak Promotion

A good opportunity to try the new Starbucks Holiday menu is a new after 2pm local time promotion they pushed to customers. As usual, you must first activate the offer on the web or using their app. Once you do, you earn bonus stars depending on how many days you visit in a row after 2pm local time between November 14-20 in 2017. That’s Tuesday AM until Monday PM of next week.

Remember, this particular offer is not number of transactions, but rather number of days in a row you visit. So you have to be there every day to make the most of this. The way the promotion is structured, five days in a row gets you the most bonus bang for your buck.

Fossil 2nd Generation Smartwatch and Hybrid sale

The Fossil Q (second generation; aka previous generation) smartwatch is on sale for $123 and among a number of other FOSSIL smartwatches and hybrids that are on sale through Amazon. Note that you can change watchfaces, so the ones you see in the pictures are not the only options. In other words, don’t decide on a watch based on the advertised watchface.

HOWEVER, keep in mind that their second generation watches are NOT running Android Wear 2.0 (the latest version) and a number of them have a flat tire. So unless you are buying at a specific price-point, or don’t want to wait for further sales in the next few weeks/months, you may want to go for the newer models.

I have an in-progress review of their 3rd Generation Explorist running Android Wear 2.0 and without a flat tire. I don’t think I would be a happy camper without those two. Then again, it depends on how you plan on using the watch.

Buy $60+ at the Walgreens website, Get 18,000 Rewards Points

A new “Balance Rewards” promotion is running at the Walgreens website. Good until Saturday night (11/18/17), you can get 18,000 Balance Reward points when you make a purchase of $60 or more at their website.

As usual, some exclusions apply. The offer came in an email to the Walgreens customer emailing list.

18,000 Balance Points are redeemable for $20 off a single Walgreens purchase, or you can redeem them for smaller amounts at 1:1 ratio.

Free shipping with orders of $35+ (which you’ll get since the order total for this offer is $60+). But you also have the option for “Ship to Store” if you prefer to pick up from local store(s).

Peetnik Rewards: $2 Bottled Cold Brew with Any Beverage purchase

If you want to try out the Peet’s Bottled Cold Brew coffees (any available flavor in their B&M stores) but don’t want to pay the full price, they have a promotion running now until 11/19/17 at their B&M stores that gets you any bottled cold brew for $2 AS LONG AS you also buy any other beverage in the same transaction. In other words, you buy your regular/favorite drink as usual, and add the Cold Brew to your order.

You must be a members of their free-to-join Peetnik Rewards. They have apps for Android and iOS now. Won’t likely ever get a Windows Phone app though 🙁

Walgreens: Spend $20+, Get 7000 Balance Rewards points [must activate]

If you are participating in the Walgreens Balance Rewards program, check your email or their website or your app! A new promotion via coupon (you must clip the coupon first before you can earn the bonus) offers you 7000 Bonus Balance Rewards points (that’s $7 equivalent) when you make qualifying purchases of $20+ at their website or their B&M stores!

The promotion runs November 11-17 in 2017, the usual Sunday AM to Saturday PM week that coincides with their Weekly Ad. The promotion may be in the Weekly Ad, I don’t know?

Starbucks Dash (Nov 10-12): Buy 3 Teavana Iced Teas, Get 30 Bonus Stars

Running in parallel with the Holiday drinks promotion, Starbucks Rewards members may have another offer available for them. You have to check your email or app and first activate the offer before you earn the bonus.

It’s a fairly simple and easy to do dash. You buy three Teavana Shaken Iced Teas between November 10-12 in 2017, and you get 30 bonus stars, in addition to the regular stars of the purchase amount.

Starbucks Nov 9-13 (2-5pm local time): BOGO on Holiday Drinks and Cake Pops

The Holidays are coming in faster than the speed of light! The official Holiday drinks have arrived at Starbucks stores, and between November 9-13 in 2017, between 2-5pm local time, they have a “Buy One Get One FREE” promotion on all the Holiday drinks. No coupon is needed. But both drinks must be one of the half a dozen eligible drinks under their holiday menu. Regular mocha or latte drinks are NOT eligible.

But that’s not all! Hidden below the high profile BOGO offer on the drinks, they also have a BOGO offer on the holiday peppermint Cake Pop, along with the Snowman shaped sugar cookie! They go for $2 and $3 respectively each, so with the BOGO, $2 get you two cakepops, or $3 get you two snowman sugar cookies.

Just like the drinks, only the designated holiday menu cakepop and sugar cookie is eligible. You cannot mix and match with regular menu items. You must needs buy two of the same holiday pop or cookie!

FREE Starbucks Reward (125 Stars) when you start a Spotify Premium 60-day trial

If you are participating in the Starbucks Rewards program, check your email for a new and pretty good offer! If you start a free 60-day trial of the Spotify Premium music subscription service, you will receive 125 Starbucks Rewards stars as well. That’s the equivalent of one full reward, which you can redeem at Starbucks for almost any item of any available size in the store.

The Spotify Premium free trial will convert to a $10/month subscription if you don’t cancel it before the free trial expires, so keep that in mind!

Spend 1000+ Plenti Points at Exxon-Mobil, Get 200 bonus points [must activate]

If you are participating in the Plenti rewards program, check your email or their website or their app! A new promotion is rolling out that you must first activate before you can use. With this promotion, you get 200 bonus Plenti points if you redeem at least 1000 Plenti points at an Exxon-Mobil gas station. This is very easy to go, all you have to do is fill up at least $10 in gas, and you get a $2 equivalent as a bonus! You will also earn the regular Plenti gas bonus.

Promotion ends November 30 in 2017. If you are very close to this, you may want to drive around the block a couple of times. It is a good idea every time you refill your gas to reset your mileage counter and calculate your mileage. It’s a good way to monitor the health of your car. A sudden or unexplainable drop in mileage can be an early warning of bigger troubles ahead!