FREE: The Darkness II until Wedn 3pm ET

If it’s FREE, why not get it! Good until Wednesday at 3pm eastern, Humble Bundle is offering the game the Darkness II for FREE! You have to link your Steam account to Humble Bundle for claiming and redemption. It is free to create a Steam account. This is made by 2K Games with a rolling 91% rating at Steam.

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Comixology coupon: $5 off $15+ until 3/29/18

If there are any digital comic books you’d live to purchase that rarely go on sale, this is a good opportunity to buy them. Good until 3/29/18 at 11:59pm, coupon code SPRINGFIVE gets you $5 off a purchase of $15 or more at the Comixology website. The coupon can only be used once per account during this particular coupon promotion. Exclusions and restrictions may apply as usual…

14 RXBars for $20.79 with free shipping [two flavors]

If you are on the RXBar hype train, their official RXBAR online store has another limited time promotion! Two 12-pack flavors are on sale for $20.79 each with free UPS ground shipping, the “Coffee Chocolate” and the “Apple Cinnamon”, but that’s not all! For a limited time, every purchase gets two FREE full size bars, one of each of the aforementioned flavors! The offer is good for everyone, not just new customers!

If you are not interested in these flavors, but want to stay under $21 per 12-pack, Amazon has on sale for $21 (normal purchase) or $20 (Subscribe and Save) the following two flavors:

+ Coconut Chocolate

+ Mint Chocolate (this flavor is growing on me)

+ Mixed Berry

Limit up to ten per customer at the sale prices. Free shipping for Prime members or with a $25+ order or with a “Subscribe and Save”…

My current Top 5 of RxBars

  1. Chocolate Sea Salt
  2. Maple Sea Salt
  3. Coconut Chocolate
  4. Mint Chocolate
  5. Mixed Berry (the most divergent of the flavors)

[DEAD] FREE until Sat 1pm ET: “F1 2015” Game at Humble Bundle

This limited time freebie promotion expired…

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Earn 25% Kindle Promo on select “Great with Kindle” ebooks

Never a dull moment with the promotional at Amazon. If you are a frequent reader/buyer of Kindle ebooks, you will be thrilled with this one! Amazon has launched a new program called “Great with Kindle”. These are e-books that have a great reading experience on Amazon’s apps and devices because of their formatting, quality images, and various “digital reading” benefits…

To encourage people to buy more of these books, Amazon is offering a 25% Promo Credit on the purchase of these books. So for example if you buy a $10 eligible Kindle ebook, you will receive a $2.50 promo credit to use towards future purchases of eligible Kindle ebooks.

Here’s a screenshot of an eligible ebook. This is what to look for on the product pages. It is small print on a laptop, so look closely. I have zoomed it for illustration purposes:

Free from TOR: “Too Like the Lightning” by Ada Palmer

It’s not just free, it’s DRM-free! You have until March 23 in 2018 to claim your free copy of the science fiction book “Too Like the Lightning” by Ada Palmer from the TOR ebook club. Tor is part of the MacMillan Borg (okay, group) of publishing. All you have to do is give them your email address. Then you can download the ebook in either (or both) MOBI and ePUB. The formats are DRM-free. You can email them or download or sideload them on your device(s) of choice after that.

This is a fairly new book, it came out in January 2017 and it is the first of three published books by Ada Palmer that are part of this “Terra Ignota” series. It is around 450 pages. It averages 3.9 out of 5 based on 172 customer reviews at In case you need to read reviews before you “commit” to getting a freebie 🙂

Option to buy Stacksocial Store Credit for 20% off

When you put some things in your shopping cart at Stacksocial, you may be offered an option to purchase a $100 store credit for $80. That’s a 20% off discount. If you are a frequent Stacksocial shopper or if you are planning future big purchases, this is like getting a 20% off discount on everything you buy using the store credit.

On the other hand, if you are not a frequent shopper or do not make big purchases there, maybe you don’t need it.

Casio Edifice Tough Solar (EQS500DB-1A1) for $165

Time won’t stand still! The whole analogue versus digital watch thing is just another one of those things the internet fuels and propagates. Truth is, you don’t have to pick a side. You can like both. You can wear both. You can even wear both at the same time. Two wrists and plenty of space between the elbow and the wrist 🙂

Okay silliness aside, if you are looking for a tough-looking solar-powered (I love the idea of not having to change batteries and not having to recharge a watch; it just works!) watch, the new condition Casio Men’s EQS500DB-1A1, part of the Edifice Tough Solar stainless steel series is on sale for $165 with free shipping with a maximum of three per customer at the sale price by Amazon actual. This is not a lightning deal, so expiration time unknown.

It has three dials and apparently can survive cloudly winters – the specs say that a full charge can keep it powered for five months without additional exposure to light. It averages 4 out of 5 based on 260+ customer reviews.

I’ve been using a solar-powered entry-level watch for a few years now. I just wear it when I’m outside and it has never run out of power. I haven’t visited the cornerstore watch guy for a new battery since then!

But I have also been “cheating” on it with a Fossil Q smartwatch 🙂

Make a Chase PAY purchase at a Starbucks store and get 300 Bonus Stars [UPDATED]

UPDATE 3/17/18
It’s here! It’s here! Three days after I used Chase PAY to reload my Starbucks gift card, paid at the register at a participating brick and mortar store, the 300 Bonus has arrived! So as suspected, you don’t have to buy an actual product (and miss out on the bonus stars), a reload of your gift card also counts a purchase.

The promotion ends 3/19/18! If you haven’t done this yet, I highly recommend you activate it in the ChasePAY app and get to it! 300 bonus stars are two FREE rewards plus 50 points (40% of a reward)…

This is a super hot deal if you are participating in the Starbucks Rewards program AND are using (or do not object to start using) Chase Pay, Chase’s mobile payment method. The offer gets you 300 Bonus Stars if you make a purchase at a Starbucks brick and mortar store using the Chase PAY app by March 19 in 2018.

But first, you must activate the offer in the ChasePAY app. Activating the offer also links your ChasePAY account with your Starbucks Rewards account, so have the Starbucks password ready because you have to login to connect them.

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12pk Quest Vanilla Almond Crunch for $12.50

Thanks to a limited time 50% off clip-on coupon at Amazon, you can get a 12-pack of Quest Vanilla Almond Crunch bars for $12.50 as a normal purchase or slightly less if you do the good old “subscribe and save”. Lots of people love Quest bars, but I personally find the taste a bit too artificial, which is probably why I prefer the Rxbars which only have real food ingredients with the most offensive thing being “natural flavors”…

Discover reveals Q3 and Q4 5% Cashback Categories

We already mentioned the Discover Q2 Bonus Cashback category but if you are the planning ahead type, the confirmation email when you activate the Q2 cashback also reveals the 5% categories for the rest of the year. The terms are similar, up to $1500 in bonus-earning purchases per quarter per credit card…

And they are both great categories! Q3 is restaurants, we all have to eat after all, while the fourth quarter of the year is the return of Amazon and Warehouse Clubs. If you have the Amazon Chase PRIME VISA, you can use that for your Amazon purchases since it gives you 5% and has no limited, and “save” the Warehouse Club purchases for the Discover since it has a $1500 quarterly limit…

Sign up now – Discover Q2 2018 5% Cashback Rewards are GROCERIES!

Time flies and the second quarter of 2018 is almost upon us! If you are a Discover credit card holder, check your emails or the app or their website. You can already begin to sign-up for the second quarter 5% cashback rewards. This cycle runs from April 1st (not an April Fool’s Day joke!) until June 30 in 2018.

The category is a great one, GROCERY STORES! Every single person has to eat, so that’s very utilitarian and an easy way to stock up on rewards. You earn 5% on first $1500 of eligible purchases per credit card during the quarter. If you spend over $1500 on this category, purchases over $1500 will earn the normal purchase percentage (eg 1% or whatever the card features). If you have multiple Discover credit cards, the limit is per credit card, not per customer!

The emails have a 1-click link, meaning you click on that link and you get activated. You don’t have to login to your Discover account. Or if you don’t trust that, go directly to their website and login and locate the 5% Cashback pages to activate the promotion. Their website or app will probably prompt you after you login.

10pk of colorful Nexus 6 cases for $9 total

If you are committed to the Motorola Nexus 6 smartphone [you can use it to sign-up for Project FI, so that’s one reason to hold on to it and then take advantage of the free Data SIM P-FI feature to trojan-horse many GSM/T-Mobile compatible phones].

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Dr. Scholl’s Comfort Air-Pillo Insoles for $2

If you are a fan of the Dr. Scholl’s Comfort Air-Pillo Insoles, which are unisex, they work for the most common men and women shoe sizes (7 to 13 in Men, 5 to 10 in Women), you can stock up, you can buy up to forty five (45) of them at the moment at where they are on sale for $1.88 each. They are however an add-on item, so you must place a $25+ order, otherwise the shopping cart won’t let you buy them.

They average 4.1 out of 5 based on 51 customer reviews. This is not a lightning deal, so expiration date is unknown…

Attack on Titan Keychain Funko: Levi for $2.50 [limit 3]

Season 3 of Attack on Titan is coming in a few months but in the meantime, you can take Levi with you! Three of them even! The official Levi keychain FunkoPop is now on sale for $2.50, in new condition, at You can buy up to three at the sale price. This is not a lightning deal, so the price can change or stay the same, no one knows. It is however an Add-On item, so you must place a $25+ order before you can buy it!