Target (Nov 16-23): Buy $50+ in Food/Beverages, Get $10 Target Gift Card

Target is trying to encourage customers to make their Thanksgiving meal purchases at their stores thanks to a new offer they posted in a glossy flyer in this week’s circular grocery ads. The offer is this: between November 16-23 in 2017, if you purchase $50 or more in Foods and Beverages, you will earn a $10 Target gift card to be spent in the future. Prepared food is excluded (Starbucks and Target cafes) and Baby and Pet food is also excluded.

You don’t need the coupon from the add, you can also find it in the Target app, or you can text them and they’ll send it to you. They want people to get the coupon and shop shop shop 🙂

Nov 7-13 (2017): Buy 3 select Food Items, Get 150 Bonus Stars [Starbucks Rewards]

This promotion is probably only of interest if you frequently buy food at Starbucks. Otherwise it would be too expensive to do just to get the bonus stars. This is another offer that requires activation, so it is YMMV. Check your emails or the Starbucks app to see if their AI Bots invited you to participate.

The offer runs November 7-13 in 2017 and it is this:

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Bing Rewards: 5250 points for a $5 Dell e-gift card

If you are participating in the Bing Rewards program, they currently have a redemption discount limited-time promotion. You use up 5250 of your points and for that you get a $5 Dell electronic gift certificate. The typical redemption amount for $5 e-gift cards is 6250. The rest of the options are not currently discounted.

You earn Bing Rewards by using their search engine and completing various tasks (eg quizzes), while logged on to your Microsoft account. You can do this on mobile and on desktop. They even have an Android Bing app you can use for this while trying to fall asleep 🙂

Lucky coupons when you spend $50 or more! [Members get $30 off $200+ orders]

If you are in the Lucky’s grocery store email lists, dig into your inbox for their latest email. It has a coupon code that gets you a discount depending on your order total. The discount is $5 off if your store purchase total is $50+ and it increases as your store purchase total increases.

But that’s not all, if you are a Rewards member and you make a $200+ purchase, you will get an extra $10 off. So if you are a Rewards member [free to join], you get $30 off a $200+ order.

Exclusions apply as usual. Coupon cannot be used on gift cards, alcohol, smokes, money-equivalents (money orders, etc), prescriptions, lottery, etc.

The coupon expires Tuesday night (November 7 in 2017).

Free Insulated Travel Bag with 1-Year AARP membership for $16 total

AARP is on a recruiting drive. Before you recycle all the promotional material in this week’s circular ads in your mailbox, IF you are interested in signing up or renewing an AARP, membership, look for an envelope-style offer from them. Inside that you will find the offer: you pay $16 for one year and as a gift you receive a FREE blue plaid insulated travel bag.

The promotion is good for both new members and renewals. It is stated clearly in the pink form! This promotion runs until January 31st in 2018.

There is no mention of a brand name for the free travel bag.

3X Points on Holiday Blend Coffee at Peets until 11/12/17

It’s official the start of the holiday season when the Holiday Blend arrives at the Peet’s Coffee shops. And they have arrived! To encourage coffee fans to stock up, Peets has a new promotion for their Peektnik Rewards members [free to join]. You earn three points instead of one point IF your purchase includes any of the Holiday Blend coffees. The K-Cups are NOT eligible.

The promotion runs until November 12, in 2017, and can be used multiple times. So if you buy coffee beans every day until 11/12/17, you will earn 3 points every time 🙂

There is no coupon code to enter, you just have to “check in” using the Peetnik app! In other words, have your app scanned at the register at Peets.

Kindle First November 2017 options are up!

Another month has arrived, and with it we have six more previously unreleased e-book choices for Prime members as part of the Kindle First program. As usual, you can pick one of the six for FREE and start reading it right now. The rest of the ebooks you can buy starting December 1st. Most of them will end up in Kindle Unlimited.

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New Starbucks After 2PM Dash with maximum 100 Bonus Stars

Another new “After 2pm local time” Dash promotion is running at Starbucks Rewards. You have to manually activate this offer by web browser or the Starbucks app IF you have been invited by their computers to participate.

Once you do that, if you make five purchases during the promotion period of October 31st until November 6 in 2017, you will earn 25 Bonus Stars, but the real reason to participate in this promotion is the top of the promotion, if you make seven of more purchases, you get 100 bonus stars, which are 80% towards a reward. So those extra two purchases are a jump of 75 in reward stars!

This is a separate transactions promotion, not a consecutive visits in consecutive days promotion.

50c off Kind Bar Sweet and Spicy coupons at Whole Foods B&M

Kind Bars have their famous fruit and nut bars, but after they became famous, they also launched a “Strong and Kind” line that is varying degrees of spicy, and have more protein and are bigger (wider) in size. This line now morphed into the “Sweet and Spicy” line-up.

For this line only (not the regular Kind bars), at Whole Foods brick and mortar stores, you will find a coupon next to them that gets you 50c off one bar. The bars go on sale on their own, and the coupon is stackable with the sale. The sale is per unit, so even if the display says “2 for $X”, you can buy one and get the sale price.

I haven’t tried buying two bars with two coupons yet, I only do one bar with one coupon 🙂

This is a picture of the coupon (on top of their flyer):

The coupon expiration is December 31st in 2017.

These bars are flying under the radar as far as the general population is concerned, so don’t worry, they won’t sell out 🙂

Dockers Men’s Full-Zip French Terry Jacket for $12 [X-Large; Oatmeal]

Inspired by a Larry David style jacket? Do you like the “Oatmeal” color and you are confident you can keep it clean? Then you are in luck, because just $12 can get you the new condition Dockers Men’s Full-Zip French Terry Jacket in the X-Large size only. The other sizes go for a lot more. Given the style of the jacket, you probably have flexibility by getting a larger/smaller size than you usually get.

Limit up to three per customer at the sale price. Since it’s clothing, you get FREE RETURNS if Amazon actual is the seller. And it is in this case.

If “Oatmeal” is not your thing, the X-Large size is going for only a few dollars more in other sizes. The Olympian Blue goes for $14~, while the modest red goes for $15~. The other sizes go for more, so X-Large is the name of the game for this sale 🙂

6pk of Green Tea Mints for $2.38

If you like green tea flavored mints, hurry up to where they have a limited time offer, the “Sencha Naturals” (that’s the brand name) is offering is a 6-pack of Moroccan Mint flavor mint canisters for $2.38 total. That’s right, that gets you six canisters, with about 60 mints per canister!

Limit up to four six-packs per customer. So if you max out on this, you pay just under $10 and you get around 1440 mints! Mints for everyone! That’s 144 mints per dollar!

Only the “Moroccan Mint” flavor is on sale. Moroccan Mint is typically a mix of green tea and mint, taking its name from the tea. These are tea-flavored mints after all 🙂

YMMV: $1 renewal offer for expiring ESPN the Magazine subscriptions

This is YMMV as I have no way of knowing how their computers decide to whom to offer this and when, but if you have an expiring “ESPN The Magazine” subscription, you may get offered by email a promotion to renew it for an extra year for just $1 for that whole year. I’m not even sure if my subscription is expired or expiring as of the time of writing. I think they keep sending magazines, so it must have no expired yet.

I signed up either during a doorbuster magazine promotion or through a T-Mobile freebie, I don’t remember. I have/had no intention of renewing 🙂

1 lb of Happy Belly Yogurt Trail Mix for $2

Clip-on coupons to the rescue! Amazon’s Prime Pantry is currently running a green clip-on coupon promotion on their one pound of , with the coupon dropping the price down to $2.07 or so. Not bad for a pound of this stuff!

Not only that, but this qualifies for the Buy Five or More Qualifying Items, get $6 off your order total promotion that is running until October 31st in 2017. This almost counters the $7 Pantry Box delivery fee. So you pay $1 instead of $7. Not as good as the free shipping no-rush credit, but if you don’t have that, and they are not offering it, $1 is better than $7 🙂

For more ideas, check our previous Prime Pantry posts.

IMPORTANT: Prime Pantry product availability varies by region, so items that are in-stock at one location, may not be in-stock at another. Prime Pantry operates locally, you can only buy what’s available at your local warehouse. This is different from regular Amazon purchases where they ship items from all over the country.

$1 Small Coffee or Tea at Peets Bay Area Every Wednesday during the NBA Season

If you live or work or travel or go on vacation in the Northern California SF/SJ Bay Area during the NBA Season, and there is a Peet’s Coffee store near you, every Wednesday, you can get a Small Coffee or Tea for $1 IF you visit their stores wearing Golden State Warriors logo gear.

The promotion runs October 18th, 2017 until June 15th, 2018.

Their email does not specify exactly what qualifies. A shirt or a jacket for example would have to qualify. What if you take a Warriors licensed coffee mug? A hat? Shorts? Shoes? Rings? Scarf? Only way to find out – ask in-store or show up with it.

Or to be on the safe side, wear EVERYTHING Golden State Warriors 🙂

Six RXBAR Trial 4-packs (24 total bars) for $36 w/free S&H

If you are a fan of RXbars or want to try different flavors, they are currently running a pretty good “Buy Two, Get One Free” promotion on 4-packs on their website for a limited time!

They offer 4-packs of various flavors for $9 each. You have to add 4-packs in multiples of three in your shopping cart to get the deal. They can be three different 4-packs or three of the same, your choice. For every two you have the in the shopping cart, the third becomes free!

Free shipping is with orders of $40+ (before the discount), so you have to buy six 4-packs in order to get free shipping. That’s 24 Rxbars for $36 with free shipping. It comes out to $1.50 per bar! Since it’s food, there shouldn’t be any sales tax (unless your state sales-taxes food).

Here’s a screenshot of the shopping cart with six 4-packs:

There is no coupon code to enter, the shopping cart automatically adjust the prices while this offer is running!

As of the time of writing, these trial 4-packs are available:

  • Maple Sea Salt
  • Blueberry
  • Peanut Butter
  • Kids trial packs are also available however note that the kids bars are almost half the weight of the standard size bars!