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Two Months of HBO Now with Roku activation

Roku is running a promotion that gets you a two months of HBO Now for FREE when you activate a new condition Roku player by October 1st in 2016. Typically HBO Now offers a free 1-month subscription. The subscription goes for $15 per month, so this promotion is a $15 value. You can cancel at any time as usual.

It’s no coincidence that this promotion started after Season 6 of Game Of Thrones ended 🙂 That’s one way to balance the subscriber numbers with the seasonal HBO viewers cancelling after the season finale!

More details on this promotion, including restrictions and deadlines can be found at the Roku website.

Speaking of Roku, the 2015 Roku 3 (with Voice Search, model 4230R) is on sale for $80, in new condition, at by Amazon actual. They also have bundles with an HDMI cable and a mount.

NOTE: the refurbished option you see there is NOT eligible for the 2-month HBO Now promotion!

Buy $50 Best Buy Gift Card, Get 800 Plenti Points

If you are participating in the Plenti Rewards program [see our Introduction], good until Saturday night 8/20/16, at Rite Aid brick and mortar stores, if you buy a $50 Best Buy Gift Card, you will earn 800 Plenti Points, which have the buying power of $8.

They don’t have preset amount Best Buy gift cards, you have to tell the cashier how much you want to load. I loaded exactly $50 and sure enough, the cash register receipt showed the 800 points, as you can see in the picture below:


So you get immediate confirmation (as soon as you pay), and the points become available to spend the next day. That’s it. You have to remember to show the cashier your Plenti card or enter your phone number. This is a limit two promotion for this shopping week.

Assuming you have no problem spending Plenti points on things you need (gas, future Rite Aid purchases, Macy’s, etc), that’s effectively a 16% off discount on everything you buy at Best Buy using this particular gift card. Not bad because that’s on top of any sales or coupons or rewards or other promotions.

16oz Whole Foods 365 Almond Butter for $6

Sale time at Whole Foods of all places. Good until Tuesday August 23 in 2016, you can get 1 lb (16oz) of their 365 Almond Butter for just $6. This is either Creamy or Crunchy, unsalted, unsweetened! That’s a pretty good price, it handily “defeats” Trader Joe’s permanent price of $8, which is the regular price at Whole Foods as well.


It’s almost cheaper than a 1 lb of almonds if you are not buying bulk 🙂 The one I picked up has a January 2017 best buy date, so it’s not like they are leftovers. You can buy as many as you like, there’s no limit. No coupon needed, it’s a sale!

100pk Stash Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea under $9 with coupon

Last week we spotted a good deal on the Stash Licorice 100pk, but that’s not all! Also running with a 20% off clip-on coupon at Amazon is the 100pk of Stash Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea. The price before you add the clip-on coupon is $10.95. After you add the 20% off coupon, it drops to $8.76. This is the one-time purchase.

If you are willing to do a “Subscribe and Save” (SaS), you can save an extra 5% or 15% off, depending on how many SaS items you have going on. Personally I don’t want to have to worry about adjusting or cancelling SaS orders, so I just do the one-time purchase unless the discounts are significant enough.

The shipping terms are as usual, free with Prime or with a $49+ order or with SaS. Keep in mind SaS is not Prime eligible, so if you hate slow shipping, keep that in mind.

PS: this is the Subscribe and Save store that shows all the eligible items and promotions. There are close to 100,000 eligible items (!!!).

PS2: if you are not familiar with how all these work, here’s a screenshot below of the SaS listing, with arrows pointing to all the locations on the website you have to pay attention to. The Subscribe and Save overlay is when you click on the “Details” link over there…


T-Mobile Tuesday offers for August 16 headlined by T-Mobile T-Shirt

UPDATE 8/16/16: it looks like both the T-shirts and the digital magazine subscriptions are one per line, not one per account. You get unique activation codes for each one!

The week of T-Mobile Tuesday offers that got pre-empted by the Pokemon madness is finally being added to the rotation. According to the teasers at the T-Mobile website/app, the offers for Tuesday August 16 in 2016 are headlined by a …T-Mobile T-shirt. That’s right, you can blind everyone around you with a big blast of Magenta 🙂


The rest of the offers are:

  • small Frosty at Wendy’s
  • $15 to spend at
  • 1-year digital subscription to Allure (magazine)

As far as the t-shirt, since this is the first time it will be offered, I do not know if it will be one per LINE or one per ACCOUNT. This is relevant if you have multiple lines per account. So it could determine whether you get one t-shirt for the whole account or one per person/line…

Starbucks Rewards Double Stars coming this week

If you are a member of the Starbucks Rewards programs, pay attention to their emails and messages/notifications in their app. The monthly Double Stars day is coming this week. I don’t know if every customer gets the same day, or if they spread them around the week to balance the extra sales.


Double stars means you get 4 Stars per $1 spent, instead of the usual 2 Stars per $1. What it means is that you get a free Reward for every $31.25 you spent. The stars are actually fractional, so you don’t lose any because of rounding numbers.

So strategically, you wait to make your big purchases on Double Stars Day. A pound of coffee, a new coffee mug, a box of tea, perhaps an $8 Powerlunch, and things like that.

Pre-order deal: Green Day’s new “Revolution Radio” for $5 [mp3 LP]

If you like to buy music albums in the MP3 format, we have good news for you, especially if you are a fan of Green Day! Their new album “Revolution Radio” comes out on October 7 and right now the Google Play store has a pre-order deal, you can get pre-order it for just $4.99 through Google Play or the Android Play Store app. This album has a total of 12 tracks. If you want extras and bonuses, they have various offers at the band’s own website but they cost a lot more than $5 🙂

100pk Stash Licorice Spice Tea for under $9 w/coupon

It’s tea time! If you like licorice flavored tea and Oregon’s Stash brand, for a limited time, Amazon has a 20% off clip-on on the 100-pack of the Licorice Spice bringing it down to under $9 for a one-time purchase, and slightly less if you do a Subscribe and Save. This is Prime-eligible, so even if you buy this item and nothing else, you still get free 2-day shipping (assuming you are a member).

This is not just licorice, there’s a number of other items included, check picture #3 in the gallery over there to see them all. There are many flavors on the same review page, so if you want to read reviews for this flavor one, here’s the link that has all 195 of them for this model (out of over 4000 total).

Free eBooks from Samsung Book Deals for August 2016

If you have an eligible Samsung device, and IF you have downloaded the official Kindle app from Samsung’s own app store (not from Google Play), you may be eligible to get a FREE e-book every month. How long these offers run depends on which device you bought and when you bought it. If there’s one thing certain about Samsung is that they always change their “Perks” 🙂

Unlike Kindle First which features pre-release ebooks, the Samsung Book Deals typically feature ebooks that have been out already and they are almost all part of Kindle Unlimited, so they often have plenty of reviews to help you decide which one you want.


The four choices for August 2016 are:

  • “Letters to Love” by Soraya Lane
  • “The Towers of Tuscany” by Carol M. Cram
  • “Rewinder Book #1” (a series) by Brett Battles
  • “A Cold and Broken Hallelujah (Long Beach Homicide)” by Tyler Dilts”

BIG REMINDER: when you look at the ebook’s page, the buy button must say get it for free (not the Kindle Unlimited button but the regular buy button). If it doesn’t say it’s free, you will be charged. Not a big deal, you can always reverse the purchase at (mnemonic = my kindle) but if you don’t want the extra step, simply pay attention to what the buy button says 🙂

T-Mobile Tuesday Freebies revealed for August 9: Five items!

The T-Mobile Tuesday freebies for existing customers have been revealed for Tuesday August 9 in 2016. We get FIVE freebies this time, instead of the usual four. And we have a return, the Vudu $5.50 Credit is back! Here’s a screenshot, with the list below:


  • Cookbook in eBook format: “Claudia’s Cocina” from Bookshout (the ebook service)
  • Vudu Movie Rental = $5.50 credit not just for rentals, you can use it on TV and movies, rentals or purchases
  • Wendy’s small Frosty is back too
  • Free Lyft Ride (up to $15 credit)
  • 1-Year of Pokemon Go data (until end of August 2017; NOT stackable, once per line)

Furthermore, one of the grand prizes is something actually useful, a Samsung Galaxy Note 7! I’m assuming this will be the T-Mobile version, not factory unlocked, but if I win it, I won’t say no, I will say nom-nom-nom-nom 🙂

$8 Starbucks Power Lunch Offer Extended again [updated]

UPDATE 8/8/16: the $8 Power Lunch continues, it looks like it may have been extended indefinitely or became a part of their regular rotation!

UPDATE 6/8/16: this promotion is now featured as the headliner of the Starbucks Menu mini-site. This is a temporary page, not a permalink so if you are reading it in the future, you will likely see different things (depending on what is the then featured menu promotion).

UPDATE 6/1/16: Good News, this promotion has been extended until 6/26/16!

CORRECTION: this offer ends on 5/30/16, not 5/31/16!

There is an interesting promotion running at Starbucks brick and mortar stores. You pay $8 and for that you get four items. Three of the four items you have choices. The fourth is a bottle of Ethos water. You also get a Starbucks paper bag with handles to carry them.

The options are:

  1. A Bistro Box or a Salad or a Sandwich aka The Main Dish
  2. Chips or Popcorn or Pretzels aka The Side Dish
  3. Fruit Bar or Banana or Cookie Straw aka The Dessert
  4. 700 ml bottled Ethos water (around 24oz) aka The Beverage

[Read more…]

[DEAD] RxBars on sale for $1.89 at Whole Foods

UPDATE October 2017: the Whole Foods sale is long over, but there is a new customer offer at the RX Bar website that gets you 14 bars for $20 with free shipping.

Jump aboard the hype train that is RxBar nutrition bars! The Rx is not medicinal, and they don’t taste medicinal, they taste like dates 🙂 They are on sale for $1.89 per bar until 8/23/16 at Whole Foods brick and mortar stores. Here’s photographic evidence, my receipt 🙂


The Whole Foods I went to have five different flavors, including the Chocolate, Coffee, Pumpkin Spice (it’s not a latte!), and Peanut Butter. This price beats Trader Joe which has limited flavors for $2 each, and it also beats the 12-pack price at Amazon. The only way you can get a good deal at Amazon is if you find them in-stock and on-sale at Prime Pantry.

PS: if you are planning a Pantry purchase, make sure you check the Pick 5 August Offer for free shipping.

Music CD: “Delta Machine (Deluxe Edition)” under $6

If you have a Prime membership, you can put that money to work with a solid music CD purchase, the Deluxe Edition (has four extra tracks) of the comeback album by Depeche Mode called “Delta Machine”, going for just under $6. The standard album has 13 tracks, so you get a total of 17 tracks for about 33c per track 🙂

This is sold by a trio of marketplace sellers competing on price, but all three of them are fulfilled by Amazon, so you get free Prime shipping even if you don’t buy anything else.

Note however that this is not eligible for AutoRIP unless the seller of record is Amazon actual. Amazon’s own price is a wild $17.52. However, once you receive the music CD, you can easily extract the songs in mp3 format and load it or cloud-match it to your favorite online streaming services.

21.5″ Acer G226HQL Monitor for $90 [VGA, DVI, no HDMI]

If you are looking for a utilitarian 21.5-inch computer monitor that takes VGA and DVI (but no HDMI) and still stay under triple figures, and still get a new condition model, we have good news for you! The 21.5″ Acer G226HQL is currently on sale for $90 with free shipping with a limit of four units per customer at Amazon by Amazon actual.

There are multiple models on the same page, so the review total is not necessarily indicative of a particular model. For that, you have to go look at the reviews of that particular model. To save you the extra work, here’s the pre-filtered list of its 1000+ customer reviews. Unfortunately Amazon does not offer a star average on filtered by sub-model reviews, and I obviously can’t calculate the average of 1000+ reviews and stay sane 🙂

It has 1920 x 1080 resolution, no touchscreen, power-saving features, and more.

Lucky’s Rewards: FREE 4pk of BFree Rolls (no wheat, no gluten)

If you love bread rolls but want to avoid wheat and gluten, AND if you are a Lucky’s Rewards member, good until Tuesday 8/9/16 closing time, you can get a free packages of BFree Rolls (four of them). As usual, you have to add the offer to your Lucky’s Rewards account by clicking on the big red button in the email mentioning the offer.


No purchase is necessary to get the freebie, although Miss Manners would suggest buying at least something to balance the freebie 🙂 If you are using self-checkout, an employee is needed to punch in numbers at the self-checkout for the freebie.