February 2 from 4 to 7pm local time: free Yogurtland yogurt and toppings

On Monday February 2nd in 2015, between 4 and 7 pm local time, Yogurtland will be offering free yogurt and toppings. The offer is valid at participating locations only. The email does not provide further details on the promotion. If you have a busy Yogurtlandia near you, expect a zoo because many like free. On the other hand, if there is a new location, or at a not-so-busy area, you may be able to breeze in and out. Also working in favor of the free-fans, February is typically quite cold, so not everyone would be motivated to eat frozen yogurt, even if it’s free.

Kind Bars for $1.25 each at Whole Foods (ends 1/27/15)

If you want to try out as many Kind bars as possible without committing to more than one bar per flavor, run to your local Whole Foods store. They have a sale on individual Kind bars for $1.25 each. The sale is “4 for $5” but you don’t have to buy four to get the price. Each one is $1.25. Whole Foods has almost all the flavors, except for the “Strong” bars (salty/spicy) and the new Kind Chai bars (seen at Starbucks). The sticker showing the sale price has an expiration date of 1/27/15. You can buy as many as you like.

PS: the individual price is better than buying a 12-pack! Their 12-packs are on sale for $16 each, which makes it a $1.33/bar. If you buy 12 bars individually, you pay $15. However, this sale is not the best price for 12-packs. This sale is best if you want to try a variety of bars, or if you want to buy a variety of bars.

Free from Google Play: Gravity (HD movie) and Steve Aoki album

Google Play is back with another round of freebies. First up, Steve Aoki’s mp3-album “Neon Future” is free for a limited time. It has a total of 12 tracks with a 49 minute run time.

Next up, a movie, and a big and recent one! Gravity in HD! That’s the one with Sandra Bullock. For this one, you may have to follow the link from your Google Play e-mail to get it for free, because if you visit the movie’s Google Play page directly it shows a $10 price. If you have a Google Play account, it means you also have an email associated with it. So check there and look for the Google Play email announcing this offer. You must grab it before 1/30/15, but don’t wait until the last minute, sometimes these things end earlier.

Strong Kind Bars for $1 each (YMMV)

If you are live near a Trader Joe, you may want to check the prices of their Strong Kind bars. They may be on sale for $1 each, instead of the usual $1.50 price for Kind bars at Trader Joe. The Strong Kind bars are a new approach, they are a bit spicy and a bit salty while still retaining some of the sweetness. It’s a different taste from the usual Kind bars. There is a total of five flavors (see amazon.com). The Trader Joe I checked at carried only two of the five flavors (Roasted Jalapeno and Honey Smoked BBQ).

You can buy as many as you like at the Trader Joe. I don’t know if this is a limited time offer to spark sales and generate interest or a new price or a closeout.

Chipotle January 26 offer: buy sofrita, get free item later

January 26 in 2015 is an important date to remember (deal wise) at participating Chipotle stores. If you purchase a Sofrita burrito on that date, you can get a free burrito of your choice at a later date by showing them your Jan-26 soffrita receipt. Sofritas are their soy-based meat substitute, and it is a bit on the spicy side, so you may want to add fresh salsa and cheese and cream to un-spice it (if you are not big on spicy).

[DEAD] Free Jesse & Joy mp3-album (limited time offer)

This freebie offer expired but stay tuned because Google Play is offering a free mp3-album nearly every week…
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[DEAD] Free TV Pilots: Galavant (fantasy) and Ascension (scifi)

This limited time offer ended…
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[DEAD] Jan 6-10: Free Small Maple Latte at Peet’s with select purchases

This limited time offer expired, but do not despair! Peet’s Coffee has promotions of this nature every few weeks! Stay tuned to their emailing list or this blog for future updates!

Speaking of Peet’s coffee, they have a full page with three coupons on their K-cup coffee in this week’s coupon books found in the Sunday newspapers (1/11/15).

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5% cashback at Six Flags with Discover in 2015 (must opt-in)

For the whole of 2015, Discover may be offering you 5% cashback at Six Flags. This offer is shown when you login to your Discover account, on the right side of the page, under “5% Cashback Bonus”. You have to manually opt-in for this offer, which runs until 12/31/15. The starting date is after you manually opt-in. I don’t know if this offer is targeted or available to all Discover members. The best way to find out is to look for it in your account.


The terms say:

“Activate to earn 5% Cashback Bonus® on all purchases made at Six Flags® from 1/1/15 (or the date on which you sign up, whichever is later) through 12/31/15. Only purchases made at Six Flags parks and www.SixFlags.com will qualify. Purchases made using Near Field Communication (NFC), virtual wallets, or similar technology may not be eligible. Rewards are added to your Cashback Bonus account within 2 billing periods. See Cashback Bonus Program Terms and Conditions for more information about your rewards.”

HBO Preview on AT&T Uverse: January 9 to 11 (2015)

If you have AT&T Uverse TV service, HBO is having another weekend preview, from January 9-11 (Friday AM to Sunday PM) in 2015, to celebrate the start of their new TV series “Togetherness”, along with the return of Girls and other half hour HBO original shows (which is often when premium cable networks offer free previews). Also participating in this promotion is Cinemax which is slowly but steadily developing its own line of original TV shows, albeit not at the HBO level.

UPDATE: Showtime is now running ads during commercial breaks on Uverse saying they too will have a free preview (SD and HD) at the same time, Friday through Sunday night.

[DEAD] Vudu offers lots of 99c movie rentals

This limited time promotion for January 2015 expired…

If you plan to watch a lot of movies in the next 30 days or so, Vudu has a 99-cent movie rental promotion, with 100 different movies of diverse interest participating. Obviously they don’t have the latest, you can’t possibly expect to find Guardians of the Galaxy for a 99c rental, but they have some well-known movies, such as American Psycho, Stomp the Yard, Ghost, Flatliners, Point Blank, Top Gun, Kill Team and more.

I don’t know when this promotion expires. Once you rent a movie online, you have 30 days to start watching it and once you start watching it, you typically have 24-48 hours to finish it (varies by movie). If you don’t start watching it within 30 days, you lose the chance to watch it (but sadly they don’t give you a refund).

Speaking of Vudu, they are offering the first episode of season one for FREE from a select few new TV series [updated link with October 2016 shows]. The selection changes over time as new shows come in. The free pilots are available only for a limited time, but once you get them, you can watch them forever.

4pk of Kind Bars for $5 (limited choices)

If you are a fan of Kind bars and want something in-between buying them one at a time or a 12-pack, Smart and Final stores have a good compromise, you can get 4pks for $5 total, which brings them to a reasonable price of $1.25 per bar. The only downside is that they only have a limited selection of flavors, they don’t have the whole line-up of 15+ flavors. But if you can find any flavors you like, then it’s a win. From what I recall, they have the Almond+Coconut, and the Cranberry one, and a couple of others. Selections may vary from store to store, and obviously I can’t visit every single Smart and Final store 🙂 This is not a weekly sale, it is their on-going price.

Kindle First choices for January 2015 are up: now you can get two free

One of the least well-known benefits of an Amazon Prime membership is the Kindle First benefit. Every calendar month, four pre-release e-books are available. Before, as a Prime member, you were allowed to select one of them for free, and read it right away, a month before the rest of the world can read them. But for January 2015, you are allowed to get TWO of these four e-books for FREE! It is nice when a benefit expands instead of retracting. The selections change every month.

For January 2015, here are the four selections:

  • “Everything Burns” by Vincent Zandri (Thriller)
  • “Miramont’s Ghost” by Elizabeth Hall (Historical Fiction)
  • “Flirting with Felicity” by Gerri Russell (Contemporary Romance)
  • “Heart Collector” by Jacques Vandroux, Wendeline A. Hardenberg (Mystery)

Happy e-reading 🙂

[DEAD] 5oz Tattle Tea Leaves for under $6 (two flavors; Add-On program)

This limited time sale ended as of 1/5/15 check…
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8.82oz ESP Emporium China Green Rose Tea Leaves for $3

If you like to try teas from different companies, and be at the forefront of exploration (translation: it has no customer reviews), for just $3, you can get this 8.82oz of ESP Emporium China Green Rose Congu Tea. These are tea leaves, not tea bags! A picture of the tea leaves and the outer package is included at the Amazon product page. It has just two ingredients, tea leaves and rose petals per the picture of the package over there. There is a limit of ten per customer.

However, it’s not all rosy (pardon the pun), because of the low price, this is part of the Amazon Add-On program, which means, you need to place an order of $25 or more before Amazon allows you to buy it. This restriction applies to Prime members as well. You could get to $25+ with 8 of these, but given the lack of reviews, it is perhaps a better idea to simply add one of these to an order of $25 or more. If you like it, then you can stock up.